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“Work. It’s my Achilles Heel” - Saul in Homeland, final series

Hallo, I’m Julia Hobsbawm, writer, speaker, and consultant about the past and present of work and about the culture of work and working life.

Our foremost futurist of the workplace” - Barbara Kellerman, Fellow, Center for Public Leadership Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University

Gosh, well, you will be the judge of these words if you decide to read and subscribe to this Substack: to be generous enough with your time and insight which I hope you will also share.

In addition to my books and podcast The Nowhere Office and writing for Bloomberg, Fortune, and elsewhere in the media on work culture, work politics and work ideas, this Substack is something of a running commentary on the latest trends.

I test our working assumptions about how we live and work and I do so by bringing you news from the front as it were - the frontline of stuff I pick up from clients, conferences, datadives, briefings, interviews, and a lot of reading, listening, talking and sharing of ideas.

The free version is short but I hope sweet: And don’t forget special interviews from the podcast about the world of work which I co-host with Stefan Stern also pop up exclusively on this Substack.

Julia always seems to be three steps ahead on her thinking. ” - Nicholas Bloom, William D. Eberle Professor of Economics. Stanford University

This Substack is free. To gain more insight and specialist consulting, including the Working Assumptions collection of special reports, invitation-only conferences and a benchamark of evolving trends around work please contact me directly: julia@thefullyconnected.com

Look forward to having you join me.

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Writes, thinks, consults convenes and broadcasts about the past, present and future of work and how we live and work. Co-hosts the podcast The Nowhere Office. Latest book is Working Assumptions.