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Our foremost futurist of the workplace” - Barbara Kellerman, Fellow, Center for Public Leadership Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University

Julia always seems to be three steps ahead on her thinking. ” - Nicholas Bloom, William D. Eberle Professor of Economics. Stanford University

Gosh, well, you will be the judge of these words if you decide to read and subscribe to this Substack: to be generous enough with your time and insight which I hope you will also share.

Hallo, I’m Julia Hobsbawm, writer, speaker, and consultant about the past and present of work.

So that we can live and work better.

In addition to my books and podcast The Nowhere Office and a Bloomberg column this Sustack is something of a running commentary on the latest trends. The free version is short and less full of data, details, reviews, interviews and exlusive information as the paid version and here’s who the paid version is for: It may be you.

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The world of work has come a long way, fast. And the speed and scale of change shows no sign of abating.

Trying to keep up with the changes is like trying to catch a snowflake in a blizzard.

Consider me your guide and translator to the latest changes.

I publish a weekly mix of news, views, reviews, interviews in posts and podcast content - exclusively for paid subscribers to help keep you up to speed on what is happening with the world of work - and what that means for all of us.

Because change are so continuous, so quick that they need to be published often, digesting the ideas, the facts, the data, the opinion, and the developments across technology and people, across the world and inside offices, factories, corridors of power.

The Nowhere Office is a moment in the history of work: between one phase and another. Let’s understand it together.

Paid subscribers get to post and share and I will interview a selection of you regularly on The Nowhere Office podcast.

Look forward to having you join me.

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The past, present and future of work. Providing perspective and insight into the most compelling story of our time, how we humans work - and where, why and when, looking at the generational changes, the tech, the culture, and the politics of work.


Writer, Speaker, Consultant Podcaster on the Past, Present and Future of Work. New book: Working Assumptions: what we thought we knew about work before COVID and Generative AI - and What We Know Now out April 2024 See more: juliahobsbawm.com